Let’s talk about the numbers first

We have helped hundreds of organisations understand their audiences and design digital experiences that help them connect with their customers. For us, there is no one size fits all solution, we look at your requirements in detail and advise of the best solution to deliver the results you require.


Customers from the private and public sectors and charities


In-depth interviews covering usability testing existing websites or understanding needs


People up-skilled by attending one of our training courses covering user experience, digital marketing and digital strategy.


Team members ready to help understand your challenges and work to solve them.


Years’ experience across our team.


Cups of coffee, used to sustain the team over the years.

Quite impressive isn’t it?

Understanding your customers

Ensuring that customer needs are understood is what we do best. Our solutions put customers at the heart of solutions.

Working Collaboratively

We like to work collaboratively. This is the best way to get things done, quickly and efficiently.

On time, every time

We pride ourselves on delivering to your specification, on time and on budget.

Business Ojectives

We make sure our solutions never loose sight of your overall business objectives.

We won’t do compromises.

What we do, we do well. We will approach each project with a cost-effective method to achieve the necessary results. If it's not right for you, we’ll walk away.

We understand the digital world

We’ve worked in digital agencies, specialist consultancies and client side. We see things from all perspectives.


Smash Consulting is a customer experience and digital strategy agency that focuses on delivering high quality work, placing customers at the heart of everything we do.

Our team of consultants each have over fifteen years experience of delivering high quality solutions.   We started way, way back when user experience was just in its infancy and over the years have developed a deep-rooted understanding and practical approach of what is required to deliver successful, customer centred digital solutions.

Our Focus

We specialise in delivering customised solutions to meet our clients objectives. We don’t do packaged solutions.  Your challenges aren’t the same as the business next door, so why should our solution be the same?

We bring a detailed understanding of the needs of customers into all that we do.  If we fail to meet customer needs we won’t succeed as a business.  Think from your own perspective – how many times do you go back to a website or app that delivered you a terrible experience?  Or how many times do you return to a restaurant that made you ill?  You don’t and neither will your web visitors if you don’t meet their ever more demanding needs.

Who we work with

We have helped hundreds of organisations to better understand their customers and design solutions that better meet needs.  Whether the challenge is designing a new website or app or understanding how to better engage with customers through social media, we develop solutions that meet your issues head-on.  We don’t shy away from challenging you but we do so with the aim of better meeting your objectives, helping you to get maximum return from your investment.

We work with clients directly and through digital agencies and market research companies to deliver our services.

Meet the team that will deliver the results you need.

We are a team of respected experts, each with more than fifteen years’ experience in the fast-changing digital world.  We focus on understanding your customers’ needs and designing solutions that put them at the heart.


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